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How To Get a Fresh New Website?

Web Design Agency Phoenix AZ USA

Most small business owners have websites with errors that are preventing them from ranking properly. We want to solve your problems and make your website work for you. Working with Blink Web Designs is straightforward and easy. Get started by contacting us and starting our easy web design process to achieve perfection.

1: Initial Goals Meeting

First, you’re going to call or use the contact form to set up a meeting to go over your goals and expectations. This initial conversation is a great way for us to listen and for you to explain. We want to fully understand your problem and get a solution ready right away.

2: Plan and Revisions

We’ll do research and make sure we understand your problem thoroughly. We will call you back within 24 hours and let you know what the estimated costs and timeline for the project will be to solve your problems.

3: Implementation

After your approval, we’ll get to work and meet the proposed timelines from step 2. A great implemenation isn’t complete with tracking and analyitcs. We will follow through with the launch of your new site to ensure it’s success.